New Clients Welcome


For all new clients a thorough consultation will be carried out requiring personal & medical details. This ensures the correct treatments & products are safely, accurately, professionally used & applied.

Please remember to ALWAYS inform the salon of any changes in medication & medical conditions including pregnancy. This applies to all clients at all times.

What to Expect

As a new client to the salon you will receive a mini consultation via text first. This makes sure that the treatment you are requesting is suitable for you, this will cover what to do & not to do before/after your treatment as well as some medical questions.

on the day of your appointment – an appointment reminder, the salon location & salon information will be sent to you via text.

On arrival at the salon you will be asked by myself to complete a consultation form, i can fill this in for you if you prefer- which will then be checked & we will go through it together ensuring that the best products & skin treatments are used for your  treatment. The treatment will be explained so that you know what to expect, you can ask questions & we can discuss what it is that you would like from the treatment so that we can realistically achieve your goals & get the best results possible.

Also at this point we will go over  aftercare advice &  any special “do’s and don’ts”.

After the treatment is completed where applicable results will be shown & explained to you. Together we can work out the best time frame for your next treatment or courses of treatments if you would like to book these in advance.


Please remember, there is no need to feel embarrassed, intimidated or worried.

The salon is very private & you will only ever see me, the salon owner. Do not worry about what ‘I can see’, the condition of the area to be treated or if you have a low pain threshold, as I will make sure that you are comfortable, relaxed & will provide you with all the relevant information & aftercare needed.

If you are concerned about what effects may be visible to the public after certain treatments, where applicable certain products can be applied to minimise the visual effects.

Remember NO question is too silly/embarassing to ask me at any stage, wether that be at your initial enquiry, text consult, day of your appointment, during your treatment or after your treatment. I try to make sure that i cover & think of everything but, feel free to ask me anything. Im happy to repeat & go over things with you if you don’t understand or want extra clarification or reassurance.

Im also very honest & realistic so, if i think your expectations are unrealistic or your goals are not attainable i will let you know & we will discuss what IS realistic & attainable for you.