Privacy & Cookie Policy

Lotions ·n· Potions values your privacy. This website collects information about visitors to help improve the website, services and marketing efforts. At no stage is this information shared with outside parties and in no way can it be used to personally identify you.

By using this website you are giving implied consent that you agree to the use of “cookie files” stored on your computer or device in order to collect this information.

In Summary:

  • Lotions ·n· Potions collects anonymous information about website visitors such as what pages they visited, for how long and their country/city of origin.
  • Mostly 3rd party tracking services from companies like Facebook and Google are used to collect this information. As such these companies are also privy to this information which is stored securely on their servers and not by Lotions ·n· Potions.
  • Lotions ·n· Potions will never share this information about visitors to anyone else unless it is required by law, to provide website functionality or to deliver our services.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on a website visitors computer through their web browser by the website. Virtually all websites use cookies in order to function correctly. Cookies are often used to remember personal preferences, keep track of your shopping basket and what products your most likely interested in.

Most websites are trustworthy and most cookies are harmless. If you want control over what cookies are stored on your computer then read the help documentation that comes with your chosen web browser.

Policy Updates

This policy document may be updated on occasion to reflect changing technologies, laws and practises. It is advisable to re-check this policy from time-to-time to stay up-to-date.

Contact & Questions

If you have any questions about this policy document, information collected or wish to have a review/testimonial by yourself removed please contact Lotions ·n· Potions at:

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Tel: 07904 209712