Gold Skin Treatments

  • 1 Hour – £68
  • course 6x £395 – paid in full
  • course 12x £782 – paid in full

These 5 potent & very effective skin treatments use the latest in ingredient technology to give optimum professional healthy skin results. Where applicable the treatments can include steam, extractions, tech, serums, specialist masks.


This is for all skins that need a skin boost, 35+ years of age, the first signs of ageing or as a boosting skin pick me up.

Potent anti-oxidants neutralise free radicals which damage & contribute to the ageing process of our skin. vitamin rich botanical ingredients increase the skins suppleness, brightness, hydration & texture, whilst phyto collagen yeast stimulates new tissue production for a more supple, even, smooth & glowing skin texture


All skins can benefit from a firming treatment but especially 35+ years of age, excellent before a special ocassion.

A cooling,firming & cellular stimulating treatment that is packed with micro algae, amino acids, vitamins & minerals. These improve the skins tone & ealsticity whilst, re-mineralising, hydrating & nourishing the skin to firm & reduce lines & wrinkles strengthening the tissues


For any skin that is deeply dehydrated, dry or irritated from lack of moisture.


A cocktail of deeply moisturising ingredients infuse & hydrate the skin reducing inflammation, irritation & puffiness. Refining & strengthening the epidermis whilst helping to rebuild the skins protective barrier & increasing skins hydration


For any skin suffering from pigmentation & uneven dull skin tone/colouring

Botanical extracts gently inhibit tyrosinase- the enzyme neccessary for pigmentation formation in the mealocyte causing hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, age spots & dull complexion. Vitamins & minerals illuminate, boost & brighten leaving an even balanced skin tone & radiant complexion.


For skins that need intensive help for their congestion & break outs

A mineral rich treatment that rebalances oily & congested skins, helping to remineralise, absorb impurities & combat excess sebum. Strenghtening the skins barrier whilst essential oils provide antiseptic & purification healing areas of breakouts, leaving the skin less inflamed & more evenly balanced.