Manicure & Pedicure Treatments

Naturally Beautiful, Hands & Feet

sheffield-mani-pedi-treatmentsDay after day your hands and feet put up with a lot, leaving them a little worse for wear. Whether they need a little TLC or maybe some ‘first aid’, Lotions ·n· Potions has the answer. Bringing you a selection of professional treatments and products that tidy, restore and repair. Leaving you with naturally beautiful looking hands, nails and feet.

Manicures and Pedicures, Oh My

My range of Manicures cares for and repairs your hands and nails. If you suffer with weak, damaged or bitten nails I have just the cure my IBX nail repair treatment. Each treatment strengthens your nails and helps to repair any damage. Encouraging them to grow back strong, robust and healthy looking.

professional-manicure-pedicure-treatmentsMy range of Pedicures softens and repairs your feet and toenails. My IBX nail repair treatment can also be used on toenails. Also included in my pedicure range is an intensive hard skin removal treatment. Leaving your feet soft, beautiful and great for showing off during summer.


Have a look through my manicure and pedicure ranges to see which treatments are right for you. Be proud to show off your beautiful hands and feet.

Manicure Treatment

The Intensive Nail Repair Manicure£28.50

Pedicure Treatment

The Hard Skin Peel Pedicure£35.50