Manicure Treatments

Beautiful Hands, Beautifully Done

sheffield-manicure-treatmentsLotions ·n· Potions offers three manicure treatments. Whether you want naturally tidy and attractive looking hands, or your skin needs some serious care and attention. Maybe your damaged nails need some serious help and repair. Either way I’ve got you covered.

  • Spa Manicure – Carefully trimmed cuticles, nails and buffing. Including a professional organic hand cream, scrub and nail paint. Leaving your hands and nails looking tidy and naturally beautiful.
  • Luxury Spa Manicure – As above but also includes an intensive hand mask. Great for healing and rehydrating seriously dry, rough looking hands. Leaving them feeling soft and gentle.
  • Intensive Nail Repair Manicure – If you suffer from weak and damaged nails. Or maybe guilty of bitting them (naughty girl). This treatment helps strengthen and repair nails. Gradually leaving them looking healthier, stronger and resistant to everyday wear and tear.


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Manicure Treatments

The Spa Manicure£22.00
The Luxury Spa Manicure£25.50
The Intensive Nail Repair Manicure£32.00