The Tech

I always make sure that as a client of Lotions n Potions you receive the very best in the latest technology to give you professional optimum results in all your treatments.

As well as the latest in ingredient technology, the salon offers state of the art modalities that work alongside my products & professional techniques. Modalities are pieces of equipment that can be used on their own or together with each other to give you the latest in state of the art ultimate results


An electrical treatment that is the basis for a lot of the skin modalities, it deep cleanses & infuses the skin, consisting of two parts which can be used individually or together within treatments.

Desincrustation– part of the galvanic treatment, this is a deep cleansing procedure that helps soften pores, dissolves sebum & prepares the skin for extraction.

Iontophoresis– part of the galvanic treatment, this procedure is used alongside specific serums & allows them to be pushed, infused & absorbed deeper into the skin for a more effective result.


An electrical high level sound wave treatment that penetrates deep below the skins surface, helping with cellular renewal, toning the muscles & tightening the skin.


An amazing anti-bacterial procedure that produces a germicidal effect on congested skins, helping to heal breakouts & reducing redness.


A gentle yet highly effective electrical exfoliation & skin smoothing treatment. Helps to soften & smooth skin texture, scars, exfoliates dead skin cells & extracts congestion.


One of only a very few LED devices that is cleared & recognised by the FDA. infra red & near infra red helps to boost collagen production whilst, blue light kills acne causing bacteria at its source.


An electrical professional spray system that allows serums to be spritzed onto the skin throughout a treatment keeping the skin hydrated & balanced.


A non invasive low level yet highly effective electrical treatment, the basis of a lot of modalities today. The current is passed through the skin to stimulate the area responsible for the skins muscle tone, tightening & re educating of the muscles resulting in a lifted & plumping effect on skin, muscle, fine lines & wrinkles

  • AELD

Advanced electrical lymphatic drainige. Helping to drain excess fluids & toxins, boosting our circulation resulting in less puffiness & a brighter complexion.


An effective skin tightening treatment, using heat to the middle & lower skin levels. It stimulates new collagen growth & reduces lines, wrinkles whilst it gradually tightens the skin.


A procedure that soothes & calms the skin, tightens & firms leaving the skin balanced, refreshed & toned.


Using specialist serums skin is water vacuumed & exfoliated, unclogging blocked pores & congestion, removing dead skin cells, evening out skin texture & leaving the skin brighter, softer & deep cleansed.


A gentle facial steam that relaxes the skin, opening up the pores ready for extraction & the absorption of products & further treatment


A diagnostic skin analysis tool that uses black light to illuminate areas of your skin. It can detect any skin problems, irregularities & disorders.