Positive-Ageing Facial

Look Fabulous Whatever Your Age

sheffield-positive-ageing-facialLooking older as we get older is just a fact of life, you know it, I know it. But how much older depends on how well you look after your skin!

Overtime your skin needs help to stay healthy, youthful and keep the signs of ageing at bay. It’s not about wanting to look younger per-se, but about looking your best whatever your age.

Lotions ·n· Potions Positive-Ageing Facial consists of 4 levels of professional treatment. From a gentle rejuvenating facial to an intensive makeover. Great for special events, to complement your skincare routine or to show your skin some TLC. Whatever your needs you’re bound to notice positive results.

Lotions ·n· Potions Positive-Ageing Facial

sheffield-anti-ageing-facial-treatmentThe Positive-Ageing Facial is suitable for all ages. But more suited and effective for clients like myself. Clients who are, how you say, a little wiser… are you a wise ol’ bird too?

My Positive-Ageing Facial levels are:

  • Level 1 – general maintenance orientated, non-surgical, positive-ageing facial. Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin. Ideal for holidays and special events. Or as a ‘top-up’ to help maintain the benefits of my stronger positive-ageing facial levels.
  • Level 2 – non-surgical positive-ageing facial combined with one of the customised facial treatments. The combination depends on your skin type, issues and is paired as needed on the day. A great facial for those who haven’t had one in a while, sorting out your skin problems and signs of ageing in one go!

With todays professional products and equipment ageing gracefully has never looked so good! These professional positive-ageing treatments leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Looking bright, smooth and healthy. With visibly less lines, wrinkles and a stronger muscle tone to the face. The next step would be surgery, but that’s just cheating.
My clients tend to use positive-ageing facials as part of their regular skincare routine. Courses of facial treatments are also popular. Some of my clients have had excellent results after just the first treatment. The look of surprise on their face when I show them the mirror is priceless!

younger-looking-skinStaying fresh and healthy looking comes down to understanding how skin works and how to look after it. I’ve been looking after mine since my teens. Many of my clients are shocked when they learn that I am actually ten years older than they thought! I’m not joking – you can actually see the cogs turning in their head as it dawns on them. Great fun to watch! I’m not being big headed, honest. Just that I have always looked after my skin and it shows.

If you’re noticing fine lines, fed up looking at wrinkles or just want professional help. If you need advice on how to make sure you look your best for years to come, then give me a call. The earlier you take action and start looking after your skin properly the better. Staying fresh and healthy looking takes commitment and investment in your skin. Don’t leave it too late!

I’ve Been Going to Sam for Years!

 I’ve been going to Lotions n Potions for years now. Sam is always welcoming and friendly and makes me feel really comfortable. She fantastic at what she does and I always get great value for money. Can’t recommend highly enough! 

Very Friendly and Professional!

 Fantastic treatments. Made to feel relaxed and comfortable. Very friendly and professional. Will definitely be returning and recommending! Thank you! 

Best Beautician By Far!

 Just a quick note to say I have been going to Sam now for the last year. She is undoubtedly the best Beautician by far. She is professional, discreet and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her. Every time I visit I know I am going to come away feeling wonderful (even after waxing which doesn’t seem that painful with Sam!!) and I usually book a new treatment that I have never tried before!! xx Wishing you all the success in the future. 

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