Balance Facial

Harmonise Your Skin for a Balanced Skin Tone

sheffield-balance-facial-treatmentSick of your troublesome skin? Oily patches here, dry patches there, maybe some visible fine lines, flakiness or redness? Known as combination skin it can appear at any time, usually due to hormones, pregnancy or stress. It can also appear by using skin products that are wrong for your skin type.

Lotions ·n· Potions Balance Facial has been designed to clear and settle the skin. Targeting oily and dry areas it helps bring your skin back into balance. Finishing off with a gentle treatment to sooth sensitivity and prevent irritation. Leaving you with a healthy calm looking skin and even skin tone.

Lotions ·n· Potions Balance Facial

The Balance Facial is suitable for all ages, particularly for teenagers and pregnant women. Clients suffering from sudden hormonal changes leading to unbalanced skin will also benefit.

My Balance Facial includes:

  • Gentle cleanse and exfoliation that avoids irritating the skin further.
  • Professional products and equipment are used to treat oily and dry areas individually.
  • Gentle serums and creams are applied to cool, sooth and settle skin sensitivity.

harmonise-dry-oily-combination-skinMade to restore a smooth skin tone and a healthy glow. This facial leaves your face looking fresh and settled. I can also offer advice on how best to look after your individual skin type. Including which professional salon products would best help your skin stay healthy and balanced.


My clients tend to experience combination skin problems during or after pregnancy. Going through stressful or tiring events in their lives can also lead to unbalanced skin.

It usually takes more than one treatment and professional products to rebalance the skin. A recommended professional skin routine tailored for the individual client is nearly always recommended. In the end the results are well worth the effort and last a long time if followed correctly.

If you are suffering and you can’t understand why nothing is working, let me take a look. I can save you time by professionally examining your skin, explain what is happening and why. Once understood I can recommend the right professional products for you to restore balance. Leaving your skin looking fresh and glowing.


Get harmonised. Call or Text Lotions ·n· Potions on 07904 209712 to Book Your Balance Facial Today