Calming Facial

Calm & Sooth Your Savage Skin

sooth-sensitive-irritated-skinInflamed, irritated, angry looking, your skin is screaming about something! You might be suffering with dry skin and redness, or maybe even eczema or rosacea. You either have sensitive skin or it has become sensitised, and there will be a reason why it’s no longer happy.

Lotions ·n· Potions Calming Facial has been created for sensitive, dry, flushed looking skin. Often caused by allergic reactions, sunburn, sensitivity and hormonal changes. The skin’s surface is gently cleansed, then soothed with professional products. All chosen and tailored for your skin type and condition on the day. This calms redness, soothes irritation and leaves your skin looking peaceful.

Lotions ·n· Potions Calming Facial

fragile-skincareThe Calming Facial is particularly suitable for teen’s and women with sensitive hormonal skin. Including skins that have become sensitised and irritated by external factors like harsh products.

My Calming Facial includes:

  • Gentle cleansing of the skin in preparation for serums and masks.
  • Calming, soothing serums and masks chosen and applied based on your skin condition on the day.
  • An electrical treatment that helps push professional products deeper into the skin, creating a balanced and calmer skin.

This gentle but effective ‘SOS’ treatment sooths and calms the skin deep down. Reducing redness, restoring hydration, eases and prevents further irritation. Leaving your skin feeling comfortable and calm with a softer, even complexion.


My clients who suffer from sensitive skin notice positive calming results soon after treatment. With further treatments, advice and proper aftercare at home lasting results can be achieved.

With eczema or rosacea noticeable results are achieved but lasting results will take time. Combining this treatment with a bespoke and professional skincare routine is also strongly recommended. Diagnosing what is irritating your skin takes knowledge. Not just about skin, but also product ingredients, your skincare routine and environmental factors.

sheffield-calming-facial-treatmentIf your skin suddenly becomes sensitive and irritated. If you’ve been suffering a while unable to get to grips with it, let me take a look. I can professionally examine your skin, helping you pin point the problem and treat it. I can also tell how you should look after your skin and which professional products will work best for you.

You can keep trying various high street products, search for advice online etc. Or let me solve the problem for you, saving you time, money and hassle so you end up with a much calmer skin sooner.

I’ve Been Going to Sam for Years!

 I’ve been going to Lotions n Potions for years now. Sam is always welcoming and friendly and makes me feel really comfortable. She fantastic at what she does and I always get great value for money. Can’t recommend highly enough! 

Very Friendly and Professional!

 Fantastic treatments. Made to feel relaxed and comfortable. Very friendly and professional. Will definitely be returning and recommending! Thank you! 

Best Beautician By Far!

 Just a quick note to say I have been going to Sam now for the last year. She is undoubtedly the best Beautician by far. She is professional, discreet and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her. Every time I visit I know I am going to come away feeling wonderful (even after waxing which doesn’t seem that painful with Sam!!) and I usually book a new treatment that I have never tried before!! xx Wishing you all the success in the future. 

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