Congestion Facial

Unclog Your Pores and Clear Out Those Toxins for a Flawless Complexion

clear-blocked-pores-skin-congestionSpotty, greasy skin, blocked pores and blackheads, help! Yet for me it’s heaven and can’t wait to get my hands on yours. I love dealing with congested skin, clearing that grime, extracting those lovely blackheads – yum!

There are many reasons for congested skin, you likely have tried a few products already. Sometimes your skin just needs a good professional deep cleanse and extraction. Together with the right aftercare to help sooth any sensitivity.

Lotions ·n· Potions Congestion Facial clears surface grime, pores, deeply rooted blackheads and spots. Professional products are used to control oil production, helping to prevent further spotty outbreaks. This leaves your skin feeling clear, fresh, lightweight and resistant to spots.

Lotions ·n· Potions  Congestion Facial

The Congestion Facial is suitable for adults and teens. Designed for clients wanting the occasional deep cleanse. Or those suffering from oily, congested, spotty skin – including the first signs of acne.

My Congestion Facial includes:

  • Steam & extraction if appropriate.
  • Mask and/or electrical extraction if appropriate.
  • Electrical deep cleansing. An electrical current with special serums that open pores and draws out impurities.
  • Electrical treatment specifically designed to target spots, including the application of an anti-bacterial layer.
  • Electrical treatment designed to push professional products deep into the skin. Helps prevent impurities and controls oil production which leads to congestion.

This professional treatment leaves your skin looking brighter, more uniform, feeling light and fresh. Helps prevent further congestion and spots for longer. Can be combined with the non-surgical facial for even better results. As long as your skin isn’t sensitive or pustular.


My clients who have this facial tend to notice positive results in just a few days. With proper aftercare at home the results last even longer. After a few more treatments, depending on the clients skin, they find spotty, oily skin can be kept at bay.

sheffield-congestion-facial-treatmentIf you’ve been struggling to get control of your oily, spotty skin no matter what products you use. Then maybe it’s time to upgrade and let a trained therapist examine your skin.

With just one or two treatments you could have a flawless healthy looking skin tone in no time. Or you could keep wasting time and money on high street products that “might” work.

I’ve Been Going to Sam for Years!

 I’ve been going to Lotions n Potions for years now. Sam is always welcoming and friendly and makes me feel really comfortable. She fantastic at what she does and I always get great value for money. Can’t recommend highly enough! 

Very Friendly and Professional!

 Fantastic treatments. Made to feel relaxed and comfortable. Very friendly and professional. Will definitely be returning and recommending! Thank you! 

Best Beautician By Far!

 Just a quick note to say I have been going to Sam now for the last year. She is undoubtedly the best Beautician by far. She is professional, discreet and a wonderful person. I highly recommend her. Every time I visit I know I am going to come away feeling wonderful (even after waxing which doesn’t seem that painful with Sam!!) and I usually book a new treatment that I have never tried before!! xx Wishing you all the success in the future. 

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