The Opulence Range

A Little Holiday Between Life

sheffield-luxury-beauty-treatmentsMy clients lead busy lives – whether at work, home or university. I’m guessing you’re busy too! It is all too easy to get caught up looking after everyone else. Forgetting to reward yourself once-in-a-while for all that hard work.

Welcome to The Opulence Range

sheffield-pampering-treatmentsI’ve created a range of extra special treatments, because you’re extra special too! Everyday life can take its toll, wearing you down, stressing you out. It all gets rather tiring without a break.

If it’s time for some “me time” then have a look at my Opulence Range for something that takes your fancy. Disconnect and escape from the world just for a moment. Relax, unwind and recharge your batteries because once in a while, you’ve earned it!

lotions-n-potions-opulence-rangeThe Opulence Range

  • Decadent Warm Chocolate Truffle Back Massage
  • Luxurious Chocolate Rose Facial
  • Sumptuous White Chocolate & Raspberry Facial
  • Foot Heaven – Foot Scrub & Reflexology Massage


Have a cheeky little holiday. Call or Text Lotions ·n· Potions on 07904 209712 to Book Your Opulence Treatment Today

The Opulence Range

Decadent Warm Chocolate Truffle Back Massage£35.50
Luxurious Chocolate Rose Facial£35.50
Sumptuous White Chocolate & Raspberry Facial£35.50
Foot Heaven - Foot Scrub & Reflexology Massage£35.50
All Opulence Treatments - 40 Minutes of Bliss