Body Waxing

Waxing Treatments

Half Leg£18.50 *
Upper Half Leg£23.00 *
Full Leg£31.50
Underarms*£12.50 *
Forearms£23.00 *
Lip or Chin*£12.50 *
Lip & Chin£18.50 *
Face£23.00 *
Brows*£12.50 *
Tummy£15.00 *
Full Body£150 (from)
*Please note, treatments marked with * are not available individually, they have to be booked together with at least one other treatment at the same time.

Hair Free Body Waxing in Minutes

waxing-hair-removal-sheffieldDon’t waste your time trying to wax yourself, have it done professionally instead. You’ll be in and out the door in minutes!

Avoid getting wax on the floor and dealing with the rubbish after. just sit back, relax and let someone else take care of it for you. All in a comfortable and friendly salon environment.

Nearly 30 years experience I’ll wax your hair quickly, thoroughly and with little pain. Enjoy longer lasting hair free skin without the fuss.

Excellent Experience!

 First time waxing, excellent experience. Lovely environment that puts you at ease throughout and the treatment itself was very comfortable. Highly recommended and will come again 

Very Very Satisfied!

 First time customer today and am very very satisfied! Very through wax which is hard to come by and such a lovely lady. She made me feel so at home and comfortable, at times I forgot why I was there. Would highly recommend! I think I found my new waxer 🙂 

Cannot Recommend Enough!!

 Lovely lady and by far the best wax I’ve had! Very relaxing, makes you feel really at home. Provides aftercare advice and tips too. Cannot recommend enough!! 

Strip or Hot Wax – Have It Your Way

high-performance-waxingAt Lotions ·n· Potions you can choose to have either Strip Wax or Hot Wax as part of your waxing treatment. Hot wax costs a little more than strip wax, so what’s the difference?

professional-waxing-resultsTraditional strip waxing is also known as ‘warm wax’. It is spread on thinly and then a material strip is placed on top. Due to its sticky nature when the strip is quickly removed it pulls all the hair out with it. Over the years I have perfected my technique for strip waxing so you will find my waxing quick and comfortable.

Hot wax is spread on slightly thicker than strip wax. As the hot wax cools it shrink wraps around the hairs tightly gripping them, but unlike strip wax it doesn’t stick to the skin. It is then removed quickly by hand and without a material strip, pulling all the hairs out as it goes. Although slightly dearer you will find my hot wax quick and virtually painless.


hair-free-waxing-sheffieldProfessional Waxing, Like It Should Be. Call or Text Lotions ·n· Potions on 07904 209712 to Book Your Professional Waxing Today